Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Wedding Photography - the Scottish question

On the theme of unusual photos at weddings, I must include the groomsmen who were dressed in kilts. The bride had suggested that they should have their picture taken as they jumped in the air. This is not a photo that I would have suggested. Fortunately kilts are fairly heavy and the question as to what is worn under a kilt is still unanswered. However this gave rise to natural smiles and a close-up of the faces meant that one photo could easily become three or four photos.

Sometimes the bride throws her bouquet to the eligible females. This gives another opportunity if not for a natural smile, then at least it is a natural facial expression. At the end of the wedding day I often hear the comment that facial muscles are aching because of the smiling during the day. I often ask for a serious photo of the bride and groom and they often work very well, but smiling on a wedding day is so natural that it can be hard to get that serious photo.

Happy snapping

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