Thursday, 19 February 2009

Save money with digital photography

Money is saved with digital photography because you only print the photos that you want. Money is also saved because you can improve every single photo. You also save money by using rechargable batteries. Make sure that your camera does take rechargable batteries as my first digital SLR was sold to me with a non-rechargable unit only. I had to get on the internet and order the accessories myself. So beware of cheap sales in large stores. My second digital SLR was bought on the internet. I saved a lot of money and got an additional zoom lens. I know that not every story is a good one for people who buy on the internet but I could not be happier.

Another tip for saving money is not to print at all. The price of digital frames has come down so much that you can vary your display of photos and once you have bought the frame there is no extra charge. My preference is to put the photos on a DVD and watch them on TV. Albums of photos tend to get buried and never see the light of day, but TVs tend to stay in living rooms (and most other rooms in a house) and DVD players are often attached.

Happy snapping

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