Tuesday, 17 February 2009

More composition

On the 19th January I wrote about composition and the rule of thirds. Yesterday I watched the James Bond DVD, Casino Royale. It was packed with action scenes and I did manage to follow the action but I could not help thinking about the rule of thirds. Examples are everywhere, on DVDs on television, in the newspapers and magazines.

One of the most obvious methods of learning composition is to look at photos that you like and copy that photo. Another example from yesterday's television was the Andrew Marr show on the BBC. The background picture was a live view of Westminster Bridge with The City in the background and Big Ben in the foreground. The interest in this photograph came from the camera angle. I was wondering where the camera must be because I felt it was much higher than any room in any building. This reminds me of the Ansel Adams quotation ' a good photograph is knowing where to stand'.

So if you are a tourist and you have looked at the calendars and the tourist information photos and then taken your photos, don't forget to take the photos from unusual angles. Do climb the tower and don't forget to take the photos.

Happy snapping

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