Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Fair and foul weather photography

Are you the sort of photographer who only takes photos on holiday or do you also take out your camera on nice sunny days? If the sun is shining brightly you can get harsh shadows which means that part of the image that you really want to see cannot be seen. Better weather does not always mean better photography. If you are taking a portrait in bright sunlight then fill-in flash may be very useful. Don't think it is strange if someone is using flash outdoors in summer.

I have mentioned the first and last hours of daylight - the golden hours. The chances are that if you hear someone say that the light looks lovely then that is the time to take your photos. However I also want to mention dull weather. This is the time that you can slow down the shutter speed and the waterfall becomes a mist, or the river becomes a fog. You may want to take a droplet of water, in which case you need a very fast shutter speed and lots of light will help, but dull weather gives you other options.

It is also worth tking photos of the sky in different weathers. you can use them as backgrounds and you may want a picture of a storm. Sometimes the light during a storm can be fantastic, but if it isn't then you can use some simple photo manipulation to make it fantastic.

Happy snapping

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