Monday, 16 February 2009

Andy Warhol and arty techniques

Last time I was talking about photo manipulation. If you got married in the seventies or eighties it was very common to have the bride and groom pictured in a brandy glass. I am not sure of the significance of the association, but this technique is so much easier now with digital photography. Any photo can be superimposed on any other. The difficult part is not the technical knowledge, it is getting the inspiration to join two photos.

Photo manipulation is often done to improve a face. Just making the highlight in the eye stand out more can make the face look so much more interesting. You can take out stray hairs that fall over the eye, but it is much easier to not have the hair there in the first place.

I do like easy techniques and changing the brightness and tone is fairly straightforward. It ends up a bit arty but if you like the technique you don't need much training. With a little bit of copying and changing colours in a portrait, you can end up with your own personal Andy Warhol picture if that is the style that you like. You still need a good photo to start with but take a lot of photos and one should come out well. If you think this is cheating then just watch how professional photographers do it. They must take hundreds of photos to get that one cover photo, and then they have a support team to adjust it to please the reader.

Happy snapping

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