Sunday, 20 March 2011

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This photo was taken at a pre-wedding meeting during the week at the Midland Hotel's viewing gallery. The wedding is taking place at The Ashton Memorial and both venues are great for photographs and the Ashton Memorial is visible from the hotel if you come here to the viewing gallery.

If you focus on the horizon then you won't get the foreground in focus and vice-versa and in this case the foreground is slightly more important. I was thinking about taking a photo with a tripod with the Ashton Memorial in focus and then joining the two photos together, a little like someone who paints a bump on a car and blends in the two colour of paint. It is probably easier for me as I could use part of the rail to blend the two photos. I wanted both venues to be visible and so went for the inset and the arrow but I will give it more thought. I don't normally go for the car park in the middle distance as the Platform, the former railway station has a lot more going for it.

Happy snapping

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