Sunday, 27 March 2011

Wellington and GoMA

I have just returned from two nights, three days in Glasgow and I saw this statue of Wellington on each of the three days. I was not going to take a photo because of the traffic cone but then I heard a guide on the red bus tour comment on it. It seems it is often there. The next day I was on the red bus again but this time a recorded message told me that a red cone was often on his head. Then I read the same thing in a booklet on the statues of Glasgow. I had thought that the cone would be removed after the first day but I suppose the statue and the cone are synonymous with Glasgow.

The people of Glasgow have accepted the cone and it looks like they don't bother taking it off. This isn't so much an act of laziness but of friendliness. Take my dealings with two of the staff inside GoMA which is the building behind the statue. They could not have been friendlier. One told me about the meaning behind a series of art works and the other went out of his way to answer my question on whether I could find out more information on a photographer - and yes I did.

Happy snapping

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