Thursday, 10 March 2011

An 'arty' photo

I don't mind if I am not allowed to take photos during the wedding ceremony. If I take photos then there may be another half dozen prints to hand over but the congregation don't move much and all the photos would look very similar. In this case there were no photos but that doesn't mean that we couldn't go back later and take photos of the church.

I may even prefer taking photos like this as you can't go wrong with poses and I am able to stand wherever I wish. The photo on the right shows the narrow depth of field when the flowers are near the lens. The bride and groom become deliberately out of focus which gives a feeling of semi-privacy while they are kissing. I know it is flowery language but they are flowers and this is me at my most arty. By the way, they will receive a monochrome and completely colour version too.

Happy snapping

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