Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Motion and radial blur

I used no flash in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. I noticed on the news yesterday that Kate Middleton and Prince William were photographed in front of what looked like an expensive canvas. Light is not good for paint. You will no this yourself if you paint your house. I am not sure how light affects stuffed animals but I don't think it will help. Look at the photo on the left and you can see the balustrade which acts as a tripod. Use the timer and there is no possiblity of camera shake.

You may not believe this if you just look at the photo on the right because I have blurred most of the scene, as if there has been a panning focus. This is when you move the camera to keep a moving subject in focus and this blurs the background. Well it is easier to guarantee a good photo when you do the blurring on the computer. I added a rotational blur for the propellers.

Happy snapping

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