Sunday, 6 March 2011

The actual day

I showed you this scene from the pre-wedding meeting on the 22nd February. Well here is the actual moment from yesterday when this bride and groom left the church. This time I have used the proportions 3:2 which means the photos are a little longer and thinner than those on the 22nd.

Again I used the colour version and on the right I used the sepia with vignette as I think this really makes the scene look like it was from a hundred years ago. They will also get a monochrome and sepia without vignette version. I picked up a few leaves with the computer but the strange thing is that if you compare this photo with the one from the 22nd then leaves have increased with time. Well I didn't pick any up last time and there are definitely more leaves on the floor in the last couple of weeks!

Happy snapping

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