Monday, 21 March 2011

A vertical panorama

This is still the pre-wedding meeting at the Midland Hotel in Morecambe which is famous for its Eric Gill medallion on the ceiling at the top of the stairs. It is possible to take a photo of the Neptune and Triton medallion from the top of the stairs but you don't get anything else in the photo, but by the magic of digital photography you can add a photo of the top floor landing...and the floor below that (seen on the left).

So in the photo on the right I have combined a photo of the ceiling with a photo of two of the four floors. The floor itself made an easy division between the photos but it made me wonder if a panoramic photos could be made of the whole of the building, and what about normal landscape panoramas? Could lamp-posts do the same thing? I didn't take a photo of the floor below but this floor (the first) is similar to the second. The ground floor is totally different as it is the main reception. So that's a challenge for another day.

Happy snapping

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