Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lord Lee of Trafford

I was present at the Liberal Democrats' North West Conference on Saturday. I'm not bragging as I really am quite an ordinary member but it did give me some photo opportunities. For more on the political side take a look at my politics blog at

I only had a compact camera and no tripod but that doesn't mean that photos cannot be taken. In fact, even if I could use flash I would have to be quite close to the subject for it to work. How many times do you see flashes going off in stadia only for those photos to show people in the next three rows with their backs lit up.

Of course these two photos are one and the same. It is just the cropping that is different. If you want to see Lord Lee on his own without distractions then you would go for the portrait version. In landscape you get more of a feeling that he is speaking to an audience. The photo is taken from a lower perspective than usual as my only choice was to place the camera on the table, set the timer and hope there was little movement. It is easy to get motion blur or camera blur but the rewards are much greater with ambient light than they are with flash as you get atmosphere with ambient light.

Happy snapping

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