Sunday, 6 February 2011

Venus and Cupid 2

Here is one more blog copied from my politics blog. Well it still has photos with it.

Before I leave Venus and Cupid I thought that I would show you a couple more photos. It is an ideal setting as there are so many angles that show you great backgrounds of Morecambe Bay.

What would I do if I were able to make the decision about keeping this statue? Well the debate is not about living within our means. We just can't do that. The debate is about priorities. If you think about Morecambe and its attractions you may think of Eric's statue, the Stone Jetty and the Midland Hotel. I have told people to come over to Morecambe to see this statue so it is in the list somewhere, and as for cost it must be the cheapest item on the list.

I would imagine that the amoung being asked to keep the statue in its present locatsion is the going rate. Whether the council can afford it is another matter and the only way that I would know where my vote would go is by looking at the other priorities.

Happy snapping

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