Sunday, 20 February 2011

If one expression is good...

The simplest pose is to look at the camera and stand at a slight angle. You don't have to follow any rules but generally you don't turn the head so much that you would see the nose in a silhouette as this exaggerates its size. On the right you can see that the silhouette would not include the nose but much more important than any rule is a natural expression, and I think we got one here.

Expressions are more important than anything and if one person isn't ready for their photo you can still pick out the other. Hence the photo on the left. This couple were stood together in the original photo. You couldn't see a black background as it was a shoulder, but with today's technology it is quite easy to get a good photo from one that would be previously thrown away. You would never know but when I took photos at the Midland Hotel for a doctors' dinner there were two doctors stood slightly apart. I took two photos of them both but had to crop them so there were two separate photos of them. They can be seen at but you would never be able to guess which two.

Happy snapping

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