Friday, 11 February 2011

On the way to modern art

Many years ago I attended a lecture by an artist. He presented a canvas of an urban scene that was like a pre-raphaelite in its detail. His next canvas was obviously the same scene but without the detail. It was more like in the impressionist style. Then he showed the same scen is a more modern art style but we still knew what the shapes were depicting. Then we were shown a very modern piece of art. Triangles and rectangles were just visible but if you knew the source then it did mean something.

This is what I have done with this scene of Morecambe Bay. I have not really changed the photo on the left but you can see that I have made a few changes on the right. However you still know where it is. I went round the Tate Modern a few weeks ago. don't get me wrong. I thought a lot of the 'art' was rubbish but others appreciate it.

Happy snapping

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