Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sepia with or without vignette

I took this photo a couple of days ago with my portable black background. Black is convenient because it limits the harshness of shadows. It is still possible to get a distracting line but circumstances have to be exceptional.

One easy tip is to ask your subject to step away from the background which helps to put the background out of focus. As for the adaptations on the computer, I chose the sepia version which means that you are not distracted by the brightly coloured dress and attention is directed towards the hair and eyes. On the right I put in a white vignette. You may prefer it with the vignette but as it only takes a few seconds to add, at least it allows choice. My feelings are that vignettes allow the photo to stand out. If you overuse the technique then it doesn't stand out any more.

Happy snapping

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