Monday, 14 February 2011

Photos in public places

I was talking with someone yesterday about photography in public places. You couldn't take photos on a tour of a public building in Lancaster. I replied that at least you could take photos of the grandeur of the building from the outside.

In galleries there tend to be restrictions on flash because light damages the colours in canvas or cloth. There shouldn't be restrictions of photography with sculptures but I don't mind if there are because restrictions tend to be abused. Very often we don't deserve our photographic freedom.

The photo on the right was taken partly becasue I liked the look of the shields but also because there was a sign just out of shot that told me that I couldn't take any more photos after this point. I did use a tripod, and as you can guess I didn't use flash. It is often better to use ambient light as this photo is a much better representation of the room than any that could be taken with flash.

Happy snapping

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