Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Photography as a record

Yesterday I wrote that photography helps you to see what is around you. Today the emphasis is on photography as a record of what is around you. This is part of the Arndale Centre in Morecambe and it is being transformed. We will soon have a new hotel.

I don't remember this part of Euston Road when traffic was still allowed. Times change and it can be a rapid change. The photo you take of an area that you think will never change may soon be transformed. Just round the corner from here was Cheapside where Thora Hird was born. It is now part of the Arndale Centre.

It was twilight when I took these photos and as usual I wasn't carrying my tripod so both of these photos were taken from a convenient flat surface. I like the way that you don't need to disguise the members of the public (as per Google Street View) as movement causes blurring anyway.

Happy snapping

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