Thursday, 10 February 2011

More on Morecambe Bay

On Saturday I wrote about a statue and how on
Morecambe prom and how it has a great background in its present site. You don't have to use any public funding to pay for foreground items as these photos show. I do like the statue and it is probably worth the money but these boats cost the taxpayer nothing as far as I know. They may even bring in some revenue if there are mooring charges.

As for the photos I think floating boats look better than those stranded in low tide - see Monday. You get the reflection of the boat if the water is still. The photo on the right was actually taken on a misty dull day. It is generally better to wait for the best conditions, or at least the conditions that you want to photograph, rather than amend photos but I don't think the result looks bad.

Happy snapping

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