Saturday, 22 January 2011

Two more of York

I like the relief model of York Minster and its surroundings for at least two reasons. The blind can benefit from this work of art. They can feel the map. Secondly anyone can appreciate the map. All too often members of the public are prohibited from interacting with sculptures. I have been given the excuse that they would wear out. I'm sure they would in thousands of years. Weathering would cause much greater damage. The other excuse is that if people touch sculptures in galleries then they will need cleaning.

On the right is the answer to Thursday's question. The ledge belongs to York's Grand Opera House. It must be safe but doesn't it look strange? And that's one reason to take photographs. You see things that you would otherwise miss. I was just looking for interesting aspects of York. Well I found the ledge interesting.

Happy snapping

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