Thursday, 6 January 2011

Old Lancaster

I came across this old photo of Lancaster recently. I scanned it and I will do some work on it to see how it can be improved, but this is the original. You can see Lancaster Town Hall which was opened in 1909 so there is a start in dating it. The person who owns the photo only had a vague idea of the date. If you can shed any light on the age then please get in touch. In the meantime I will have a go at amending it and I'll let you see the results when I have finished.

It's not just the age of the photo, if you know anything about the buildings that are no longer there then let me know about that too.

Happy snapping

P.S. I looked to connect three sections of this photo today (6th Jan) and there is a slight gap between the sections so you may have to wait to see my amendments.

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