Monday, 3 January 2011

Bare Photos

If you have the best view in Europe on your doorstep then you may as well make use of it. The view changes with the weather and this view is no exception. I took it a couple of weeks ago when we got our first snow. I was in an area of Morecambe called Bare.

Cross the road and you get this view of Princes Crescent which I took because it was twilight. I also took it because of the lights on the Christmas trees but the lights from the shop dominate the view. The main reason that I took this photo is because there was a wall here to rest the camera. It didn't matter too much for the view of the Lake District but it was darker looking up the street and without a tripod at the time I didn't have much choice.

Happy snapping.

P.S. I am writing this while watching a drama about Morecambe and Wise and there was a view of the Lake District from the Stone Jetty. The sunset, as usual, was fantastic.

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