Friday, 7 January 2011

Skerton Bridge

This is Skerton Bridge across the river Lune in Lancaster. It is interesting because it is flat. A friend told me that it was the first flat bridge in Europe and so he supposed it was the first flat bridge in the world. I haven't found any supporting evidence.

Even more interesting is that when it was built in the 1780s it replaced a bridge that was further downstream. I went on a guided walking tour and was told that this medieval bridge was roughly where the Millennium footbridge is now. And this makes a lot of sense. Take a look at a road map and see how convoluted the A6 is now. It wouldn't be if it followed this route.

As for the photos, I liked the lighting which is a good reason to take a photo of almost anything, and I also like the sepia version which gives it an older, Victorian look if it wasn't for the block of flats in the background.

Happy snapping

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