Sunday, 16 January 2011

River Lune and traffic jam

I went to Lancaster yesterday. I had a look around the Maritime Museum which is on St George's Quay and is very close to where I took these photos. I took them because the water level was high. I know that there was some flooding in Cumbria and Lancashire yesterday and there was some margin of safety here but the amount of flowing water was quite dramatic. I'll show you some of the other photos that I took here tomorrow.

You may also notice the traffic jam in the background. This is nothing unusual for this road to Morecambe. It is not rush hour. There was a football match in the afternoon but we can't blame the match for this traffic as it is like this most of the time. Looking across the river doesn't really do justice to the size of the jam. We do need a link road in Morecambe but I won't be holding my breath in the present economic climate.

Happy snapping

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