Sunday, 26 December 2010

A view from the Victoria Tower Gardens

I had been to the Tate Modern on the afternoon of Friday 17th December. It was the day before the really heavy snowfall in London but as you can see from the last few photos, it was quite a sunny afternoon. Earlier that morning I had visited the Tate Britain and this was the view from the north bank of the Thames in the Victoria Tower Gardens. You may not be surprised to read that these gardens are next to the Victoria Tower in the Palace of Westminster.

As for the photos, I am not keen on unattached branches and twigs in the picture. In this case I couldn't help including some leaves but the sky was so uniform it was a very simple task to take them out on the computer. i thought the dull sky gaave the photo some atmospher which was helped by decreasing the contrast. Hence the two amendments on the right.

happy snapping

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