Friday, 3 December 2010

The best and worst of wedding photography

I am not sure what I would say is the best part of being a wedding photographer. It could be being part of the day, getting the best views and getting the best photographs. It could be working on the photos, making them even better and making variations that some may prefer. It could be handing the photos back and seeing the faces of the bride and groom. And I get paid too.

As for the worst part it is having someone (usually the bride) phone up, tell me that they want me to be their photographer as they have seen my work but the date for their wedding has already been taken. Even worse than that is when I have not received a deposit which secures the day, and another couple come along. This has happened a couple of times and it happened yesterday.

I do make it clear that the deposit secures the day but that didn't make sticking with that any easier. My problem is that I pencil people in without the deposit and phone them up to let them know. The easy answer is to throw the pencil away, but then it would happen again when they come back to me. At least the good bits far outweigh the bad.

Happy snapping

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