Friday, 31 December 2010

Jeté by Enzo Plazzotta

I like sculptures that are in the street rather than in museums. This means you are allowed to touch them (if you can reach them) and you may take photos. I really don't think that photos hurt sculptures when they are indoors but many galleries don't allow any photography. I have written about this restriction on a previous blog and the bottom line is a total ban is acceptable because visitors don't understand the damage that flash lighting does to many of the exhibits.

This statue is called jeté by Enzo Plazzotta and if you didn't know what a jeté was then you do now. If you are looking at the Vauxhall Bridge (see yesterday's blog) then turn around and you will see this statue. The lighting wasn't brilliant and I wasn't particularly happy with the plane just above the statue's head and the clutter in the bottom left of the photo. I did take out the distractions and then I went on to make the silhouette on the right. No need for any support with silhouettes and the weather isn't important.

Happy snapping

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