Thursday, 23 December 2010

St Paul's and the Thames

This is the view from the Tate Modern. I was in London last week and managed to see quite a few works of art including Lichtenstein's Whaam which is at this very art gallery. I can't say that I appreciate most modern art and some of it I found to be Pollock's (joke).

In fact I found the views outside much more beautiful than most of the items inside the gallery and if these two photos were enlarged and hung in the gallery then I would have spent more time looking at them than almost everything else. Still, my two blogs on pop art show that I can appreciate some modern art.

As for these photos, the shade puts the emphasis on the buildings on the horizon and the weak winter afternoon rays from the sun gives nice lighting to the scene. If you have to travel then you may be cursing the weather but it is nice to see the snow in photos.

Happy snapping

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