Monday, 27 December 2010

The names of London buildings

On the left the building in the foreground is called Vintners Place. It looks really good in the sunlight with the Thames in front of it. However the building that you might be able to name is 30 St Mary Axe, more commonly known as The Gherkhin. It was built in 2004 and I would get the quiz question right if the answer is The Gherkhin. I don't think I would get the point for its official address.

On the right is London Bridge Tower. Well it is fairly near London Bridge but the first name that comes to mind is The Shard. You can see Southwark Cathedral just in front of The Shard. Cathedral buildings are supposed to dominate the landscape as they do in many other cities but gone are the days when this building looked imposing.

As for the funny names, I suppose it is all part of the marketing. You will know The Gherkin and The Shard, even though the building is far from complete. Did you know about Vintners' Place even though the name has been around for centuries? I think we are heading for a lot more strange names.

Happy snapping

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