Monday, 6 December 2010

More Christmas Lights

Following on from yesterday's blog, you can see that I have walked a few more yards. This is because I am dedicated to the cause of photography. I am willing to take these extra steps but it isn't the slightly different perspective that I want to show you, it is the difference that is made by changing the colour.

Sepia toning was popular in Victorian times which gave a warm red/brown colour to the photo. It was a method to fix the photo. It seems really strange to use the word fix because all we do now is press print, but we used to need chemicals to make sure that the photo remained a photo after light hit the paper from an enlarger. It sounds like ancient history now but that's what we did. Anyway, all we do now is change the colour by clicking on a variation. On the left is the typical sepia, which I think gives the photo a look of nineteenth century photography. On the right I have used cyan and if sepia is warm then cyan is cool. I am thinking Addams' family even though when I watched the television series it was definitely monochrome.

Happy snapping

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