Monday, 13 December 2010

Photographic Cropping

Panoramas are useful for long thin subjects like coastlines. This view is Morecambe. There isn't that much interest in the sky and the promenade isn't that much better. You can crop to any shape you like and common proportions are 6:4, 7:5, 8:6 or 10:8. Proportions aren't sizes and I could have written 3:2 for 6:4 but I was thinking of photo sizes in inches. In this case I was thinking in terms of inches when I labelled it 6:2 but 3:1 is exactly the same proportion.

I often think that photographs give you time to consider the view. Lighting helps as well as you don't often walk along Morecambe Prom and consider the wind farms on Caton Moor. This photo also highlight the block of flats. It is a strange anomaly for the coastline but the views from there are terrific.

Happy snapping

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