Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Lights

These houses are on the main road between Lancaster and Morecambe. In fact they are close to my house but walking round the corner to the nearest house with Christmas lights is not the reason I took this photo. Alright it is.

They have now been lit well over a week but hey, bonfire night has been and gone. I know it takes some time to put lights up and there are some houses that really go to town with their lights. One house in Morecambe doesn't even have time in the year to take all the lights down and put them up again. The point about the photos is that you need a tripod. I know I like flat surfaces and the use of the camera's timer but it really does help to have a tripod. What surprised me with this photo was how good it looked in monochrome. I didn't expect that with coloured lights.

Happy snapping

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