Sunday, 18 July 2010

Yesterday's wedding

When a bride and groom come to see me I have a spiel that lasts around an hour. I show them examples of my work on the computer, in picture frames, on a DVD and in albums. At some point in the hour I mention that I give away copyright which means they can print anything they want at any time. In return I ask if it alright to use their photos on this blog and on my website. The trouble is I can't remember asking. I can't remember anyone refusing but I am not sure if I asked, and that is why I did not publish any of their pre-wedding meeting photos.

I forgot to ask again yesterday. I think they agreed. I suppose the easiest answer is to publish their photos and presume it is alright. I can always change blog entries later. Now that I have decided to publish I will explain that this is the photo that I took back as an enlargement. It is 10" x 8". I decided on the sepia version with a vignette. I get a lot of comments about how quickly I manage to print a photo which is nice but I also like to show the bride and groom (and the guests) that I am able to change photos in various ways. Why am I thinking of the words "show" and "off"?

Happy snapping


  1. Yes it's fine to publish photos. Thanks for everything, the fridge magnets and enlarged photo were fantastic thanks. Everyone was very impressed with the quick turn around and the quality of the photo.Paul and Trudie (Mr and Mrs Robinson)xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Paul and Trudie. Look out for photos in the next few days and they should be on the gallery within the week.