Saturday, 10 July 2010

Rarer Poses in Monochrome

Yesterday I saw one of my wedding photos enlarged and in a frame. I also got a thank you note from another couple for whom I had recently taken the photographs. There is no doubt that it is nice to be thanked but for me it is nothing to knowing that my photos have been enlarged and are on display - and that's why I give away copyright. Well it is a good advert too. The photo that I saw was monochrome so I knew that someone had gone to the trouble of enlarging and framing and for me most importantly, choosing a photo and choosing monochrome.

That is partly the reason that today's and yesterday's photos are moncochrome but partly it is to take away attention from the bright background colours, especially in the playground photo. It is nice to use any available props even if it is a child's slide. The simple technique here is to add a motion blur which makes it look like they are sliding even if they are as stationary as in most poses.

Happy snapping

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