Sunday, 11 July 2010

Can you tell where we are?

Taking photos at the pre-wedding meeting isn't too important. It is much more important to know what the bride and groom want to do for their photos. You may recognise the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster's Williamson's Park as you can see it from the M6. However if you know the park very well you may be confused by this photo as there is a path which I removed. it looks like the couple are stood in the middle of a lawn.

We walked around the park and looked at three possible routes. It is a lovely park and the building itself makes a great background. This point marks the point we have to walk to if we want the Memorial in the background. If we walk further then there are plenty more opportunities.

Don't worry about the path. The bride and groom will get the original which includes the path along with my variations.

Happy snapping

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