Saturday, 17 July 2010

Reviving Rouen Cathedral

I like impressionist works of art. I like the idea that the viewer has to interpret a piece of art to fully appreciate it I like the French connections and with this painting I like the Rouen Cathedral connection. I have stood outside this cathedral looking at the same view. It is a famous work of art but it has faded. The impression that this canvas makes today is not the same impression that it would have made when first painted.

I did check and it is alright to take this photo as long as flash isn't used. However in order to take this photo without flash you need a tripod or a flat surface to rest the camera. In fact I used a chair for this photo but because the chair is so much lower than the painting I amended the distorting effect to make it look like the photo was taken at head height. I suppose I could have put a bit of colour back into the painting. Maybe that is my next mini-project.

Happy snapping.

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