Thursday, 15 July 2010

Photos on Photos

This is The Midland Hotel in Morecambe and it is also the venue for the reception. By walking around 50 yards you get the whole of the building in the photo. It is the back of the building and we are planning to take photos there too. The front is a car park and the back is a public area. I don't shout people out of the way very often and I couldn't here, but with the aid of technology I can tidy up the grass and take people out.

If you haven't guessed 'before' is on the left and 'after' is on the right. I didn't spend too long on this photo as it is not going to be hung on any wall. Apart from changes, the composition leaves a space in the bottom left quarter. I could take the photo from lower down but there will still be a space. It is this type of photo that I use to add photos. Very often I add portrait photos of the bridesmaids but we'll see what we get on the day.

Happy snapping

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