Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Why vineyards look like this

When I was in France I didn't just visit Paris but I was also in the Cognac region. It was about four weeks after the harvest and it was starting to get cold but I thought I'd show you this photo of a vineyard just in case you haven't seen one. There is an advert on television which shows you a vineyard in New Zealand but these grapes become brandy.

It is not the best vineyard in the world and the grapes are not the best - and that's why there is a double distillation. They don't take care during the harvest. In fact the gaps between the vines are there to allow machines to drive by and rip the grapes of the vine. That's also why the vines are kept at this height. I understand that hand-picking takes care of the grapes if they are going into wine production.

Happy snapping

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