Monday, 8 November 2010

Instant suntan

I may show you the cloth that I bought from the market for £2.50. In fact you are seeing it now but I have manipulated the photo to make it look huge. Then I made it look even bigger with the photo on the right.

The photos were taken in an ordinary living room. The lighting is from a window plus camera flash pointed to the ceiling and that's why the top of the photo is brighter than the bottom. That's also why I often found it difficult to stand back enough to a Andy fully into the frame. It would be difficult enough for anyone but Andy is bigger than your average model.

As for the choice of photos, I think sepia works well. Body builders have better definition when they are tanned but it is much easier to manipulate a photo on a computer than it is to get a tan. Simply make the photo darker and sepia and you have an instant suntan.

Happy snapping

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