Thursday, 11 November 2010

Back to Paris

You may have guessed that I am back in Paris even though these are not usual angles. On the left we have - well I think you can guess the main structure. In the background is the Palais de Chaillot and right in the centre between the main buildings of the Palais is the Trocadero. You saw a photo from the Trocadero a few days ago.

On the right is the point in front of Notre Dame Cathedral at the Place du Parvis - that's the pedestrianised area in front of the main door - would we call it a square? This is the point from which all distances to Paris are measured. I suppose the literal translation refers to French roads. Well you don't see many mileage signs for Paris in Lancashire. As for the photo itself, I don't usually crop photos into squares but I felt it was appropriate here. You can also see shadows but you would have to get up very early to beat the crowds - and then there wouldn't be any shadows.

Happy snapping

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