Thursday, 26 August 2010

You can see the border

This is the same photo as a colour and a sepia version. If you look closely, just between the bride and groom is the venue for the reception. You may just be able to recognise it from the photos earlier this week, but regardless of whether you do this makes it particularly fitting for their background.

Whenever I choose a photo for the gift of fridge magnets to take back in the evening I look for close-ups because the magnets are small. This was a definite contender but I actually chose the photo seen on Monday. I don't have long before I go back for the evening reception but you know that I thought about the sepia image for the magnets because I put a black border on the photo. Welll you have to know where to cut the photo and you can't see the border when you use a vignette.

Happy snapping

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