Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Semi-posed photos and natural smiles

I was fortunate enough to be taking photographs in east Lancashire yesterday. I would normally go back to take photos at the evening reception and take with me some fridge magnets and an enlargement. However yesterday I didn't get back because I didn't get home. The bride and groom will get their 'surprise' gifts but it will be when they pick up their photos.

I usually use these photos as my blog and I normally pick 'classic' poses. However I was not limited today by my choice for the gifts. In fact I have chosen these photos as they aren't classic poses. Alright walking down the aisle is semi-posed but I didn't ask the bride to look to her right or the groom to look straight on. I certainly didn't ask the bride and groom to laugh in the photo on the right. That's why I like taking photos at the speeches. I get so many natural smiles in such a short space of time.

Happy snapping

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