Monday, 23 August 2010

Reading a photo

On the left is a variation on the photos from yesterday. Even though it is a much tighter cropping you know that the car is still there as well as the Midland Hotel. On the right the car is more prominent. Look a little closer and you will see the church in the background.

I want to mention two aspects of the way we look at photos. The first is that we read from left to right and we tend to 'read' photos in a similar way. So as we look closer at both photos we will be led to the bride and groom. The second aspect is the rule of thirds. I like this rule which means the photo is more balanced if a major focus is where the horizontal and vertical thirds coincide. This is roughly the brides eyes in both photos. If you get your ruler out on the right then you may decide it is not following this rule. Well rules are made for bending and I amended this photo because there were members of the public that I cropped out of the photo.

Happy snapping

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