Monday, 2 August 2010

Wonderful Venues

This pre-wedding meeting, like many others, highlights the beautiful places that form part of my work. If I were not a wedding photographer then I would not have seen this building or grounds. The two photographs were taken a few yards from each other and we managed to get many different and wonderful backgrounds in the space of a few yards.

The groom isn't present because this is where the bride is getting ready, but now that I have seen the photographs I will put it to them that we should return here after the wedding. I would like th opportunity to take the photo on the left with a few slight amendments and the wedding car in the foreground. Athough this home is not the venue for the reception, it is so easy to get a lot of great photos in a short space of time that it would be really nice if we could get back here after the ceremony.

Happy snapping

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