Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Same place, different view

It is often the case that I can walk around a bride and groom and find four different backgrounds. I like efficiency and if I can get four great photos in a few seconds then I will. It is the same with poses. If a slight change in pose brings out a different expression then it is worth doing.

You only have so long to take a photo. Generally I take two of everything. I decided on this pattern because sometimes people blink and I can amend the photo as long as I have some eyes that are open. Sometimes the first photo looks better than the second and vice-versa. Any more and the expression could turn to boredom.

These photos are a perfect example of the difference that my position makes to the photograph. I think the bridge makes an equally good photo from either side. Maybe if I had taken one along the bridge then this would have been equally as good.

Happy snapping

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