Saturday, 14 August 2010

Last two from east Lancashire

If you know a building then it is easy to identify. It is much easier if you have a name telling you. On the left you see the name. On the right it is still there but not as prominent.

For these two photos I moved around the bride and groom but we all walked after this to the main gate. The sign there tells us exactly where we are and the whole of the hall is in the background.

I would have liked to show you the way I took the weeds out of the lawn or the oil stains off the drive (there weren't many). I would have liked to have shown you the variations that I made including monochrome and sepia. In particular I made a high contrast version of one of the photos but I only get to show you two photos in this style of blog so we will have to make do with these two. Maybe I'll show more at a later date but we are now in the middle of the wedding season and I'll be moving on tomorrow.

Happy snapping

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