Sunday, 10 April 2011

Standard or zoom lens?

I watched Preston Grasshoppers play Nuneaton yesterday. I have to admit that I like rugby, especially rugby union, but I am not a regular fan. The main reason I went to Preston yesterday was to meet up with an old friend with whom I used to play rugby. He went on to write for Rugby World for many years and he still writes for a golf magazine. He has also had many photos published and always takes his camera to games. Yesterday was no exception and I borrowed his camera with a 300mm lens.

This photos were taken with a 17.5 to 45mm lens and the photo on the right is simply an enlargement. I have always been happy with a zoom up to 45mm. I have lenses up to 150mm but I hardly use them as I prefer to be near to the subject. Even if I am not that close I really don't think there is anything wrong with these photos. My friend knew many of the people at the ground and he spoke with two other photographers both of them, like him had 300mm lenses. The next time I go to a game I may use a zoom lens.

Happy snapping

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