Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A computer-generated lawnmower

I often show the same photo in colour and in monochrome. The two photos place the emphasis on different aspects of the photo. Look to the left and your eye is taken by the green of the grass and the colour in the building. On the right the grass is hardly noticeable and the angles of the building take on a much greater significance.

Even to the trained eye it is almost impossible to see that I have removed the weeds from the lawn. There weren't many but why should the one or two bright colours cause a distraction? Some people may say that I should not manipulate photos as it is not "honest". Well if you think photos are honest, whatever that means, you dismiss the artistic side of photography. I haven't found anyone yet who objected to my use of the computer-generated lawnmower.

I am showing these photos to identify one more aspect of the pre-wedding meeting - to find the places that identify the venue. I know the place where the bride and groom need to stand and so do they.

Happy snapping

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