Monday, 4 April 2011

The Ashton Memorial

Whenever I go on a pre-wedding meeting it is always a new experience for me even if I have been to the venue many times before and I have taken many photos at the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster. I mention three options for photos of the couple and perhaps small groups, and this is the shortest version of a walk around the park as they must have this view with the memorial in the background. It only takes five minutes to get here and then we continue our walk around the park.

The good thing about this scene, apart from it being close to the building, is that there is a natural dip and I am standing up quite normally. Can you imagine if the land was flat I would have to be lying on the floor. In this particular photo I also like the cloud formation and the lighting which is just right on the building and on the bride and groom.

Happy snapping

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