Thursday, 7 April 2011

George Rodger

On Sunday 27th March I showed you a photo of Glasgow's GoMA, Gallery of Modern Art and on the first floor was a photography exhibition. I recognised some of the photographs as the work of George Rodger and I also took a look at a file giving a lot more information about him. It was good to see the photos that I had recognised. I suppose it is a little like going to a concert and hearing the songs that have been a hit.

If you search for information about George Rodger you will see that he took photos during World War Two, worked for Life Magazine and took photos in Africa, in particular he took photos of the Nuba tribe in the Sudan. I know this is a very brief summary of a very long career but it may be that it was for his photos in the Sudan that he was most famous and it was some of these photographs that I saw in Glasgow. And the most important piece of biography? He went to the same school as me in Manchester.

Happy snapping

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